PCL Tear InformationEverything you need to know about treating and healing your PCL Tear

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What is the PCL?

Location of the PCL

The Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) is located in the back of the knee. It forms an “X” with the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) inside the knee joint. The PCL works with the ACL to control the back-and-forth movements of the knee. It also prevents the shinbone from moving too far back in the knee joint.

The PCL is one of several ligaments in the knee that connects the shinbone to the thighbone.

The PCL is the strongest ligament in the knee and is harder to injure than the other knee ligaments. It is often injured along with other structures in the knee, such as the meniscus, other ligaments, and even bone. The majority of PCL Injuries are mild and can be healed without the aid of surgery.

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What's the difference between the Knee Recovery Pack and the Baker's Cyst Pack?

A customer asked, "What's the difference between the Knee Recovery Package and the Baker's Cyst Recovery Package?"

Re: What's the difference between the Knee Recovery Pack and the Baker's Cyst Pack?

The difference between the Knee Recovery Package and the Baker's Cyst Recovery Package is in the shape of the ColdCure.

The Knee recovery package contains one Knee BFST, one Knee ColdCure, and one roll of KB Tape. The Knee ColdCure is best used to treat the front and sides of the knee, with a "U-shaped" coverage area shown in yellow at the following link.


The Baker's Cyst Recovery package contains one Knee BFST, one Leg ColdCure, and one roll of KB Tape. The Leg ColdCure can be used on any part of the leg. Pain from a Baker's Cyst may be the strongest at the back of the knee - the Leg ColdCure has a curved rectangle shaped coverage area measuring about 10"x7". It can effectively treat any area of the leg, and you can view the coverage area at the link below.


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