PCL Tear InformationEverything you need to know about treating and healing your PCL Tear

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PCL Tear Causes

An injury to the PCL usually requires a lot of force. The most common cause of a PCL Injury is a fall onto a bent knee, usually during contact sports such as hockey, football and rugby. PCL injuries are often the result of a hard tackle. Another top cause is the knee hitting the dashboard in a car accident. PCL Injuries can also occur due to a twisting movement or from overextending the knee.

PCL Injuries are broken down into three categories, called grades, with Grade 1 being the least severe and Grade 3 being the most severe.

PCL Tear Grades 1-3
  • Grade 1 - This is a mild sprain of the PCL, which has caused it to be slightly overstretched. You should not experience any instability of the knee joint.
  • Grade 2 - The PCL has been torn, but only partially. There will likely be some degree of instability.
  • Grade 3 - This is a complete tear of the PCL (also known as a rupture). You may be unable to bear weight on the affected knee.